Supply Force One was founded in November 2013 ad a food and goods provider but since 2014 began to carry out services.

With the help of skilled and qualified people selected over the years, we can cover a wide range of works and serivces in different sectors: from carpentry to plumbing, from electronics to internal decorations, flower arrangements and interior decorating. 

SUPPLY FORCE ONE will follow you from the first to the last step. We take care of the prior inspection,operated by specialized technicians, to which it follows the first quotation. If the estimation is accepted, we start the operations supervising the quality of the work from the first to the last minute. Supply Force One will be the only responsible for every shipboard operation and this is for you a quality assurance.


Here some of services that we carry out:


Electronic and electrical system working:

Supply Force One cooperates with shops and industry professionals who offer their skills to the most important shipyards in Genoa. We are able to provide everything related to the setting, monitoring and automation of electronic systems and electrical panels.  We can supply audiovisual and satellite equipment (TV, radio, GPS) of the best brands: Boseè, Apple, Creston, Navistystem. We also offer services such as Megger tests, Galvanic tests, batteries tests and security check for all Naval Registry. We are able to  customize the lighting design of your yacht using the collaboration of industry professionals.

 Wood carpentry:

One of the most important things required on a yacht is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. Our carpenters will be on hand to repair, build, paint, caulk any surface from wood to corian; we also have professional technicians for repairs, replacements and caulking of teak

Steel carpentry:
Our collaborators can carry out welding, construction and repair work of indoor and outdoor supports and bases, objects (candlesticks, tables, structures ....) and engine room (flanges, pipes, caps ...) Each metalworking technique guarantees quality and strength in compliance with loads and measures standards. In addition to the high standard of the materials we pay attention to elegance from the beginning to the final layout of each type of processing.

Interior and exterior upholstery:
The upholstery workshop with whom we collaborate is able to offer well-made final products and a fast service. The craftsmen have the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to perform custom awnings works, tarpaulins, covers winch, sprayhood, wheel cover, console cover, bimini top . Regarding the indoor and outdoor cushions, they use the best furnishing fabrics of Italian and foreign companies. 

Custom prints and embroidery on uniforms:
Supply Force One is the dealer of prestigious clothing brands. All uniforms can be personalized with fine embroidery and prints..

Safety inspection:
For everything related to Safety, Supply Force One employs a certified company which offers a complete service. We can provide any replacement, revision or certification, limiting any problem derived from the logistics and timing, offering prices in line with companies that offer the same service directly.  

Air conditioning:
Our technician is a professional accredited by the leader conditioning company of Yacht. He will be at your disposal for revisions, repairs and replacements, circulation pumps, piping, insulation and installation of air conditioners 

The technician with whom we cooperate is specialized in installation of all types of carpets, custom logo mats, welts. Thanks to his extensive experience, he is able to identify the right product to clean, degrease and revive the colors of any kind of carpet.

Hydraulic working:

Or plumbers will be at your disposal to fix drains, faucets, siphons and make video for hydraulic inspections. 

Official services to boat parts:
Supply force one offers the full range of official services organizing logistics and timing to provide the best service on time. MTU, CAT, KHOLER ....... 

With the experience we have selected specific sites for each type and size of vessel. 

Guests transport:
Our company to meet your requests has taken the precaution of a black Mercedes Vito for the transport of your guests, offering a speedy service at all times. View photos of our van.  

Flowers and decorations:
The flowers are cherry that will give life to the environment of your yacht, so we have cooperation with a floral company that will help you choose the flowers or the most beautiful plants to use the colors and size best suited to the environment. 

Our company will take charge of all types of washing for clothes, covers and all tissues that need a professional cleaning. 

With the experience of the last years we have established a cooperation with a doctor who will be available in case of health problems or to specialized medical certificates for shipping registers.  

If the service you need is not in the list, you can contact us and we will contact the specific people for satisfy your request.


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