Food and Beverage


Food & Beverage

Supply Force One puts the quality of the food at the first place; Thanks to our experience, we have selected only supplier that give us guarantee of quality and promptness as the board request, and we delivery the food where you are, keeping the cold of products.  

In the recent period we take an agreement with AIAB ( Italian Association Organic Agricolture ) for the distribution of their organic and local products. 

MEAT: The meat we propose comes from Genoa hills, from farm to your boat, giving a fresh and genuine product. If required the meat will be provided portioned, vacuum packed and labeled. 

FISH: The fish we offer comes from local distribution. Every request become a priority for us, but for the fresh fish the availability will be proportional to the fishing of maximum 2 days before. The fish will be proposed portioned labeled, cleaned, gutted and scaled if requested. 

FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: About fruits and vegetables we rely on a distributor who, in addition to the genuineness of the products, supports us for any type of request regarding the vegetal, exotic fruits, peaches in winter, more than 100 edible flowers of different types, but keeping an objective respect for some seasonal products not supplied at certain times. For other products, we can provide every kind of local or imported food.  

ARTISANAL FOOD: Supply Force One propose some of typical Italian products coming from little producer on our country, for example Imperia Oil, Buffalo mozzarella from Lucania, our famous Pesto and others genuine products. 

PARTICULAR FOOD: We are organized to satisfy every request, even the difficult and particulars, for this reason we can supply also ethnic food, Kosher food, UK Angus, Wagyu, exotic meat, edible gold, ingredients for molecular mixing and products difficult to find. 

Furthermore we can give, catering equipment rental, catering on board, porcelain (Christofle, Rosenthal) and finger food. 



To combine in the best way the food above mentioned, we can only propose the best drinks, luxury waters or crew water, soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Fruit Juice), fine wines and the best brands of champagne and liqueurs. 


WATER: Evian, Perrier, Voss, Fiji, these are some brands of luxury water that we can supply.  


WINE & CHAMPAGNE: Our company provides the best Italian wines from all regions of our country, but also wines from other nations, still guaranteeing an excellent quality and a wide choice. We can give you the wine you requested, but if you have any doubt about the choice, we will be happy to accompany you on our confidential wine shop, to give you the chance to choose the best product, with the help of an expert. Besides the wines we can provide the best champagne brands, such as Crystal, Moe?t etc. 


SPIRITS: We can also propose spirits and hard liquors of the best brands, even the most rare and difficult to find. We will be pleased to get to you this products, but also the commercial brands, Italian and foreign.






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