Northern Italy is nestled between the Alps chain and the expanse of the Po Valley, it develops in an east-west direction, cut in two by the 45th parallel: the same that crosses the Bordeaux region, in France. Here 40% of the Italian grapes are produced and history, with the divisions that have characterized the territories protected by the Alps for centuries, has deposited in this part of Italy a unique viticultural biodiversity: white and red vines, aromatic and non-aromatic grapes , varieties suitable for accumulating sugars and acidity, to age well, and delicate varieties, from which are obtained wines with unique perfumes, suitable for young consumption.

Among the northern regions, Piedmont is among the largest and is the place of origin or selection of unique varieties, such as barbera, nebbiolo, dolcetto, freisa, ruché, moscato and brachetto. In the province of Asti, from which the homonym spumante aromatico is born, Nizza Monferrato is located, internationally recognized heart of the best production of Barbera. With an average of over two thousand hours a year of sunshine, in the context of a mild and slightly rainy climate, the grapes, on the hillsides of this portion of Monferrato, ripen to perfection and offer an excellent raw material capable of giving life to the great quality wines we are proud of.

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