Adamas Caviar

While intense commercial fishing was heavily reducing the sturgeon population worldwide, in 1988 a three-generation family owned fish farm in Pandino - Nothern Italy - decided to start breeding stur- geons and established what would become a leader of the industry.
After years of intense work and research, the company gave birth to ADAMAS, an exclusive Italian caviar, quickly gaining international attention for its unique characteristics and quality.
ADAMAS caviar is produced in a unique location within the Natural Park of the Tormo river,which is fedby a number of pristine flatland springs.
The waters of our downstream plant are fresh and crystal clear and provide the perfect environment for accurately selected sturgeons to be raised with GMO free foder.
The supreme quality of the eggs and the skills of the best international Caviar Masters enable us to make the best of the traditional “ Malossol” (from Russian: little salt) method, which has proven to be the best way of preserving our caviar’s unmistakable taste and quality.
Our facilities allow us to keep the whole process – from breeding to packaging – under our direct supervision, enabling us to perform strict controls on each phase of production.
We take pride in the way we work, maintaining the highest quality standards and respecting the environment, thus doing our best to meet the true Italian agricultural/breeding philosophy.

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