Elisa Yacht&Art is a company of Elisa Cataldi. Elisa graduated in 2016 in Belle Arti in Milano and she begins immediately a collaboration with her family�s company Supply Force One. Thanks to its path of studies, today Elisa is able to have a good knowledge about art, design and installations and thanks to support of the company S.F.O., she is knowledge of dynamics and situations of yachting world. Her role can be different according the requests of customer: she borns as interior design and personal shopper and she�ll can supply customer consulting about this issues. As interior design, the company Elisa Yacht&Art will can offer suggestions and consulting for what about interior: from luxury dishes, to tissues, passing through the furniture and mostly, researching important artistic objects such as paintings and sculptures. Elisa Yacht&Art, has established relationships with different suppliers, focusing of luxury brands and major galleries.The products that will be offered have a high standard value, commensurate to luxurious world in which it operates; despite this general standard, she researches every type of products re- quests. For what about her role of personal shopper, Elisa will can help you to find object, clothing directly from show room, with rates preset, she accompanying customer who will can support of her presence on board and the port off, from the streets most luxury of Genoa, to shopping centers. Elisa exalts the female role and she focuses also of psycho-phys- ical well-being of its customers, who will be accompanied in beauty saloon and well-being , and she offer also a support on board from what about beauty to professional consulting.

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