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Elisa Yacht & Art
The Elisa Yacht and Art company deals with luxury interior solutions, aims to provide various services and supplies to superyachts and villas, with the goal of helping the customer to create his spaces.

Elisa Cataldi is the owner of the company, graduated in Fine Arts in Milan, has a good knowledge of art, design and installations.

As interior design, Elisa Yacht company will be able to offer suggestions and advice on setting up: from the luxury table to fabrics, upholstery, joinery and customized products, furniture for interiors and exteriors and the search for important artistic objects such as paintings and sculptures, adapting to the unique needs of each customer.
We offer you the most exclusive international brands and work with reliable and careful craftsmen.
From luxury brands to art galleries, the products that will be offered have a high standard value, commensurate with the world of luxury in which we operate; despite this general standard, we will look for any kind of product request.

As personal shopper, we can accompany you to find objects and products directly in the showrooms.
The customer can have our presence on board to study together any type of request and advice, even with our professional technicians in the sector.

You can arrange a meeting on board to find out more ...

e-mail: yachtandart@elisacataldi.it
Whatsapp mobile: +39 3485869199

Some services below ...

Our Services

Below are the categories of services divided for each type of request


The world of table service is vast and particular. It reflects the identity of the place where you are and...



With our textile service, you will find the right solution for you.
Elisa Yacht and Art relies on...



The furnishing of a boat enriches every space and personalizes it.
The service that Elisa offers is a project consisting of the...



The art on board is the luxury that comes to life. Each work embodies the feeling that every customer wants to take with him, around the...


BEAUTY and more...

With the term "beauty" we mean everything that is inherent to the care of the person and of the spaces.
Available services such as...



Some of the works by Elisa Yacht & Art.